Trading club sports for individual training

Sport has evolved from being a hobby or extracurricular activity to a way of life and every day activity for a lot of people. Currently, there are very few sports that can be played due to the coronavirus lockdown. There are however a few ways in which people can keep their energy up and endorphins flowing.

Here are a few ways in which you can keep moving:

  • Jogging and trail running

This is one sport that you don’t need special equipment for or any sort of skill. If you’re not a regular jogger, you can start off light, by taking a brisk walk and working up to a jog and gradually picking up speed to running. Trail running is the perfect way to get out in nature and challenge your heart-rate, take a look at Tshwane’s trail running courses available for all levels of fitness.

Not only does this give you a great cardiovascular workout, the fresh air will help you clear your mind too.

  • Cycling

For this one, you do need a bicycle, so if you’re started out and not sure if it’s your thing, perhaps try and borrow a bike from a friend before making an investment.

You can either hit the tar or if you are more of a daredevil, you can try your hand at mountain biking – Tshwane has a few beautiful mountain biking nature trails for you to take look at.

  • At-home fitness

It may sound strange that you would choose to train at home, but while gyms and clubs are not open, this is a great opportunity to include at-home training to your regime. There are many online facilities (some free) that give regular fitness training, including yoga, pilates, strength training and more. Virtual sports have also become all the rage during lockdown, which basically means that you can still play the sport you love, in the safety of your home.