How you can help small businesses in your area

Now is as good a time as any to start supporting small businesses in your area. Many have been severely affected by the current lockdown and if they have not had to shut their doors, they are battling to get back on their feet.

You can make a difference to these people by showing your support in one or more of the following ways:


When you next do your grocery shopping, consider buying your vegetables and fruit from local farmers – not only is it a lot cheaper but it could mean that it is a lot fresher. You can support local clothing manufacturers too and in doing so, keeping the local labour force employed, you will most likely be wearing something unique with only a few of the same in the country. If your favourite local store has shut down, perhaps try and see if they are available to take online orders.


With the current suspension of music concerts and other events, our local talent has been under strain. Many have been hosting online gigs for a small fee to keep the wheels turning. Instead of being bored indoors over the weekend, why not tune into a concert or comedy show.  You’ll be doing them and yourself a massive favour.


If you are worried that your small contribution is just a drop in the ocean, perhaps you could look into supporting a local crowdfund. By paying forward just a little, you will be helping an entrepreneur in need, a lot. There are many well established crowdfunding projects that are registered and safe, so you will have peace of mind that your money is going to the right places.