DIY a lifestyle solution

What a time to be alive. A time where creativity is our primary functioning tool. Where using techniques and homemade remedies has become essential. Working and studying from home has made people more aware on how they can live a more modest life than before. People are using digital mediums more often to solve homeware, hair, facial, physical and social obstacles the green or natural way.

Instead of the good old fashioned dinner at the restaurants people’s culinary techniques have amped up through Youtube and cooking shows, giving families, individual and couples an experiential “date night”.  

Pipes and drains are blocked?  instead of calling a plumber, Coca Cola and bicarbonate of soda are the new remedies. Skin not glowing?  Sugar and honey scrubs should do the job. It’s quite amazing that solutions that people are now resorting to use have been at our fingertips all along. It took a forced lockdown and a lot of creativity to realise that we don’t always have to rely on other people to solve some of our problems. 

However, what does this do to the business and entrepreneurs that rely on us the customer for their livelihoods? Perhaps, they need to look at what their unique selling preposition is. Add ingredients and ways of doing things that will force their old and new customers to need their services. Make the experience one that we would like to go through and be willing to pay for. At this point, due to the pandemic, I believe people are only willing to spend money on things they deem rewarding, fulfilling and are value for their money. 

So, whilst we wait for service providers to re-strategise we the people will most probably continue consuming the home made remedy videos and articles to make our lives just a little more modest and well more adventurous.