Five ways to stay safe in the city during the Covid-19 pandemic

The dust has far from settled on the coronavirus pandemic and even though many lives are back to “business as usual” there is still a great need for safety out on the streets.

Here are five ways in which you can stay safe and still enjoy your day-to-day activities out and about in Tshwane.


It has become second nature to most people to grab their mask together with their keys and wallet before walking out of the door. But there are a few people that think that wearing the mask is not always necessary.

Wearing a mask not only protects yourself from contracting the virus, but it also protects your fellow city-dwellers from catching it if you unknowingly have the coronavirus.


Every single shop, building, mall, hospital and bank has a sanitising station at the entrance to their establishments. And while you may have just santised in the shop next door, you will be required to sanitise again when you enter the next store.

This is for your safety again and the safety of others. Don’t refuse the sanitiser from the store clerks. It is their job to ensure that you are following protocol and keeping their space covid-free.

If you are worried about dry, cracked hands, carry a small bottle of moisturiser with you and lather a bit on between stops.


So you have sanitised from head to toe, you have a double layered mask on your face, you have washed the trolley down and now you are ready to do your shopping.

This does not mean that you can go ahead and lean over the poor woman that can’t decide which tea bags to buy or rub shoulders with the cute stranger standing at the bakery section.

Keep your distance, 2m in fact. You can admire them from afar.


Planning your trips to the city is a wise idea to ensure that you spend most of your time in the safety of your home. Although going to the shops, work, banks etc are unavoidable for some, be sure to use the time you have properly, avoiding the need to pop out often. If you can make use of online shopping, banking and even working, then rather do that and only go out if it is absolutely necessary.


In order to avoid having to use somebody else’s goods while you are out and about, rather be prepared. Find a ziplock bag and put all the items you might need but always rely on at the stores. A few examples include: A pen, hand sanitiser, hand cream, lip balm, tissues and/or wet wipes, drinking straws, a plastic cutlery set, notebook.

You can sanitise most of the items before putting them into the bag and remember to always wash your hands first before handling them or replenishing them when you are home again.



Tshwane offers residents a place to read, learn, and explore

In today’s world of internet, Google and social media, many people have forgotten the worth of having a library subscription. You don’t need to be a bookworm to want to be a member, there are so many other services that the Tshwane library has to offer. Study programmes, business facilities (such as photocopying, certification and lamination among other services), holiday programmes, internet and tape aids are just some of the wonderful options you as a resident will have when joining the library.