DIY a lifestyle solution

DIY a Lifestyle

What a time to be alive. A time where creativity is our primary functioning tool. Where using techniques and homemade remedies has become essential. Working and studying from home has made people more aware on how they can live a more modest life than before. People are using digital mediums more often to solve homeware, hair, facial, physical and social obstacles the green or natural way.

Instead of the good old fashioned dinner at the restaurants people’s culinary techniques have amped up through Youtube and cooking shows, giving families, individual and couples an experiential “date night”.  

Pipes and drains are blocked?  instead of calling a plumber, Coca Cola and bicarbonate of soda are the new remedies. Skin not glowing?  Sugar and honey scrubs should do the job. It’s quite amazing that solutions that people are now resorting to use have been at our fingertips all along. It took a forced lockdown and a lot of creativity to realise that we don’t always have to rely on other people to solve some of our problems. 

However, what does this do to the business and entrepreneurs that rely on us the customer for their livelihoods? Perhaps, they need to look at what their unique selling preposition is. Add ingredients and ways of doing things that will force their old and new customers to need their services. Make the experience one that we would like to go through and be willing to pay for. At this point, due to the pandemic, I believe people are only willing to spend money on things they deem rewarding, fulfilling and are value for their money. 

So, whilst we wait for service providers to re-strategise we the people will most probably continue consuming the home made remedy videos and articles to make our lives just a little more modest and well more adventurous.

Tips on How to Spend Wisely

South Africans were under severe financial strain even before the Covid-19 outbreak and are now increasingly cashing in their long -term investments for immediate survival, this is according to a Debt Busters report from the first quarter of 2020. 

It is important for us to be mentally strong, plan ahead, prioritise on what to spend on and using resources efficiently is crucial to the financial stability for many families. 

A few tips on what you can do from the comfort of your home to save:

  • Always write a grocery list and stick to it
  • Join a lift club adhering to the COVID 19 regulations
  • Minimise car travels and find creative activities to do at home
  • Cook at home
  • Avoid unnecessary spending on clothing, shoes, make-up
  • If you must shop keep an eye and ear out for specials or promotions
  • Cancel subscriptions you won’t be using eg: Gym, DSTV etc
  • Move back home and avoid bills 

South Africans are revaluating their bills during the coronavirus crisis. The unpredictable nature of the Government regulations and this virus has left people changing their spending habits. 

In June of 2020, B Mavundza observed that “Although the lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, the pandemic continues to create major economic and financial distress for the South African economy and consumers alike,”  

It is for this reason that we encourage our readers to constantly find ways to manage their finances. Due to household income shortfalls it is advised that working together to ease the financial pressures in the household will assist in stretching the income coming in. 

Unconventional Means To Generate An Income during Covid-19

Opinion Piece

Nowadays, we live in a world where everything has to be instant from noodles to EFT’s. But have we perfected a means to create revenue in an instant as well?

It may be a new year however, the demons of the past still haunt us today. As much as we choose to live our lives, it is difficult to ignore the restrictions we are forced to live under due to legislation passed by the government which constantly changes due to the evolving virus that has plagued the world.

Which forces us to find different avenues to generate an income that will not only sustain our livelihoods but save our lives. A few examples of the ventures we could pursue are:

Sport Betting: If you are a sports fan with no idea of what to do with the knowledge you have garnered over the years and have money to spare, sport betting is the way to go. What makes this an option to consider is that the risk is completely dependent on the user, therefore if the risk is high so is the reward and vice-versa. Another feature is that bets can be customized according to your needs and preference. It is truly worth a shot if you have nothing to lose.

EasyEquities: If you want a stabilized approach to making money, investment in shares is another opportunity you could make use of. There is an app called EasyEquities that allows you to invest in shares either for short term or long term purposes from the comfort of your phone.

What makes investing in shares so attractive at the moment is that due to Covid ravaging through the stock market, most of the shares listed are either underpriced or underperforming and this creates the perfect conditions for you to invest. As they say, when there is uncertainty in the market that is the perfect opportunity for you to invest.

Forex: Another method that involves investment is Forex which is quite renowned for either making money quickly or losing it as quickly. However, as forex is based on investment in currency, it is especially risky on any given day but somehow the risk has heightened due to volatility of the markets caused by Covid-19. Although, volatility could either work for you or against you it just depends on how you maneuver the market. In this case, opportunity arises from chaos.

Youtube Channel: The most commonly used avenue in the world but least used in South Africa. Creating a YouTube Channel is easy, however publishing content that appeals to the masses is much harder than most people think but if you do find your audience, it can also be a rewarding experience. However, with this avenue investment in equipment will be essential to the success of your YouTube Channel. This avenue may take time to establish but once you get the ball rolling, it never stops.

Please be advised that all methods suggested are avenues that can be used to make money in a short amount of time but due to this, the risk increases in proportion.

However, the question we need to ask ourselves is were these methods born from necessity or was it just the natural progression of things to come? Is there really a way to make money instantly or is it just another scam we were taught to believe?

Are there any real contenders for the DSTV PSL title?

DSTV Premiership

Opinion piece

Mamelodi Sundowns is a symbol for South African football in the Champions League, the question is: has their dominance in the DSTV Premier Soccer League over the years rendered the league uncompetitive?

This year’s season hasn’t reached its halfway point but it is crystal clear as to who favorites the are to win the league: Sundowns. They  are always in conversations as one of the favorites with no one questioning their claim after one of the greatest comebacks last season.

This raises the question, are there any real title contenders in the league? And who can stop this force of nature from retaining their title this season?

One of the biggest surprises this season, however is Moroka Swallows whose form has threatened the Champions title reign with their performance propelling them into the Top 3 of the log.  

The most baffling aspect being the season prior, Moroka Swallows were in the National First Division. Could this be another Leicester City miracle waiting to happen?

Supersport United is another promising contender that Sundowns must fend off. They have proven that they can go head to head against the Champions with their last match ending in a draw.  

This season they look like a team with something to prove. Their recent form has ignited this title race into life.

Whatever happens though, Sundowns have set the bar high for the betterment of the league but have also reduced the quality of competitors as powerhouses such as Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates have proven how difficult it is to keep up with the log leaders.

Nonetheless, do these current title contenders have what it takes to end Sundowns’ dominance and ignite the competition in the league or will it be another Sundowns triumph?

*Views shared on this article are those of the writer and are not shared by Tshwifi and Ulwembu.

Public events suspended

The City of Tshwane plays host to many events, from sporting to festivals and music. Eventing facilities are equipped to cater for small, intimate gatherings to large international sporting and music events catering to thousands of visitors.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, all events have been suspended until further notice.

Trading club sports for individual training

Sport has evolved from being a hobby or extracurricular activity to a way of life and every day activity for a lot of people. Currently, there are very few sports that can be played due to the coronavirus lockdown. There are however a few ways in which people can keep their energy up and endorphins flowing.

Here are a few ways in which you can keep moving:

  • Jogging and trail running

This is one sport that you don’t need special equipment for or any sort of skill. If you’re not a regular jogger, you can start off light, by taking a brisk walk and working up to a jog and gradually picking up speed to running. Trail running is the perfect way to get out in nature and challenge your heart-rate, take a look at Tshwane’s trail running courses available for all levels of fitness.

Not only does this give you a great cardiovascular workout, the fresh air will help you clear your mind too.

  • Cycling

For this one, you do need a bicycle, so if you’re started out and not sure if it’s your thing, perhaps try and borrow a bike from a friend before making an investment.

You can either hit the tar or if you are more of a daredevil, you can try your hand at mountain biking – Tshwane has a few beautiful mountain biking nature trails for you to take look at.

  • At-home fitness

It may sound strange that you would choose to train at home, but while gyms and clubs are not open, this is a great opportunity to include at-home training to your regime. There are many online facilities (some free) that give regular fitness training, including yoga, pilates, strength training and more. Virtual sports have also become all the rage during lockdown, which basically means that you can still play the sport you love, in the safety of your home.

Three great places to visit in Tshwane

Whether you are looking for a change of scenery or visiting Tshwane during the lockdown period, you may find that your options are a little more different than before. Social distancing and various other laws and regulations have seen a big change in the way in which people find entertainment.

Here are three places you can visit in the City of Tshwane during lockdown:

Rietvlei Nature Reserve

Established in 1929, the Rietveli Nature Reserve spans across 4000 hectares of land. While there are a few hiking trails, the reserve is only allowing self-drive viewing with only 50 cars allowed inside at a time. But we’ll take a day of game-viewing from our car over watching TV any day. For more information on the safety rules and regulations as well as the entry fees to the reserve, visit the Meetup site.

Pretoria Art Museum

Art is always a good idea. And if you cannot make art, you can at least appreciate the works of others. The Pretoria Art Museum offers pieces ranging from paper to ceramics, mixed media, painting and tons more. For only R25 to marvel at these works, we think it’s worth the visit.

National Botanical Gardens

We can’t stress enough how important it is to get out into the fresh air, just to clear one’s mind and reconnect with nature. The National Botanical Gardens is a great place to unwind and take in the beauty of nature right on your doorstep. Take a trail walk and admire the birds or simply sit in silence and experience bliss.