All you need to know about late application!

2020 was a tough year on everyone, dealing with a pandemic and interruptions to the academic year has been exhausting.  One can be forgiven for thinking they still have time to apply for tertiary education.  

If you did miss deadlines for applications, here are a few tips on how you need to prepare for late applications.  

  1. Research: 

By now you should have done your research on the tertiary institution you want to attend and the course you want to study. This will help you prepare for the requirements they want at the institution for that specific course. It’s important to have options and keep an open mind that you might not get into your first choice. 

  1. Documents: 

Ensure that you have all the required documents as per institution. It’s important to have multiple certified copies of each of the following documents:

  1. ID – Always have yours and your parents’ or guardians’ ID with you as well as certified copies. 
  2. Exam Results – Make sure you have all your exam results from Grade 11 and your June matric exam marks in hand. You will need to submit both sets of results to the institution with the application.
  3. Completed application forms – Download the forms from the institution’s website, complete it and have it with you. Forms can often be complicated to complete. Read the forms slowly and make sure you fill in each part of the form carefully. Ensure that you make use of a black pen, this is usually the accepted method for filling in forms. Remember, your parent or guardian needs to sign the forms. 
  4. Others – other supporting documents would include parents’ payslips, affidavits as proof of unemployment of a parent or guardian and proof of residence.
  1. TVET Colleges

Consider looking at TVET Colleges as they have several intakes during the year. You need to hurry as space is limited in these institutions as well. Government has improved the quality of qualifications offered in these institutions and the demand for spaces has increased over the years 

  1. Private higher learning institutions

These are the privately owned institutions. Compare the qualifications and check if you can’t find them in these institutions.  Much like TVET colleges, these institutions have several intakes in a year which will offer you time to do your research properly.  

Wishing all students a better 2021 academic year.